01 Our Purpose

Total corporate transparency is a critical requirement for a fairer society. To ensure that everyone knows exactly who they are working with – and working for. To tackle corruption and criminality. To protect our democracy. To create a trusted business environment we want to work in – and a society we’d all like to live in.

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02 Our Data

As the largest open database of companies in the world, our business is making high-quality, official company data openly available. Data that can be trusted, accessed, analysed and interrogated when and how it’s needed. Data that the world needs.

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03 Governance & Structure

We are unique. We are an organisation that can’t be sold. That can’t deviate from our public benefit mission. Guaranteed by the OpenCorporates Trust. Underpinned by a public-benefit business model. We are here for good.

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04 Our Team

What OpenCorporates does is hard, but important. We deal with difficult technical, data, business and policy issues, fighting to make the world a better place. Our team is passionate, talented, ambitious, humble and always learning.

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Our Annual Report

OpenCorporates Annual Report 2020

Despite the pandemic, 2020 was a good year for OpenCorporates. We increased our data offering, more people used our data than ever before and we made a powerful, public case for corporate transparency. Find out about the strides we've made towards becoming the world's dominant source of core company information.

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