Home Office

Teamwork plays an important role in modern office life. One thing in particular is true: the more employees work together on a project, the more important it is to have good coordination and communication. However, if the team is working at different locations - one part in the office, one part in the home office - problem-free communication and interaction between the employees can sometimes be a challenge.

To ensure that employees can collaborate productively despite distance, it’s important to invest in solutions that are well thought out and as easy and quick to implement as possible. A laptop or PC with a camera, a stable Internet connection and a professional video conferencing service are essential for this. Tools and functions such as (group) chat, content sharing and whiteboarding additionally offer the possibility of working together on files and documents, sharing content and recording ideas and thoughts on the whiteboard. Webcams and headsets enhance the quality of images and sound in online meetings.

Below, we show you which clients and technology we recommend for working in the home office.


Home & Office Tariffs

Whether in the home office, on the road or at the workplace, with the Home & Office rates we offer you professional video meetings in impeccable quality - at fixed monthly costs. Equip your employees with standardized communication technology, tailored to the requirements and security standards of your company. With the Home & Office iPad Kits, you receive a pre-configured iPad included - in kiosk mode if desired. This enables your employees to participate in video meetings with just one click, without any prior knowledge. DEKOM takes care of all apps, security patches, software updates and all settings. This saves valuable resources of your IT department.